Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nobody likes Jimmy Buffet except frat boys and alcoholic chicks from the South!!

Bought a novel at random today. I've realized that most of the time I'm thinking about things like bills, money, food, my future, and blah blah (all things that induce stress) but nothing to really exercise my imagination. Nothing that made me enjoy art in the first place. This book is just what I needed. Not only is the story full of fodder for my brain, the art on the cover is quite motivating. Not because I want to do illustrations like it, but because I think it sucks. If this guy could get work, then yeah. It's not even that bad of a rendering, its just stupid. The poses, the expressions, nothing seems to have been thought out. I dunno, maybe it was stock art from something else. This was in 2000, so perhaps the art director has changed since then:

Been frustrated with what I need to do as far as school assignments go. I feel that while I'm in school and in Sterlings class, my projects should be heavy on concept which makes me feel like doing fake covers to fantasy novels is too open ended. I dunno. :X
Also, some interesting developments with people lately. Some negative but mostly very positive. My peers around me, whether they be in my major or any other, who have been successful in what they do have always been the biggest inspiration for me. Even more so then the professionals that I've looked up to all my life. I'm tired and can't write coherently anymore. So goodnight and a big congratulations to Naomi and Jessica Oyhenart! (you guys kick ass!)