Friday, April 18, 2008

Goku has to go off and train with King Kai for awhile... :*(

Tis' the season to eat pollen, fa la la la la. My eyes are stinging. Damn yellow napalm.
I promise to post everything that I've been doing sometime soon. Coordinating my schedule and getting things done in the most efficient order is proving difficult.

And now, the big news:
I just found out today that, after I return from the Illustration Academy in July, I will not be returning to Richmond. The cards have been revealed and it looks like I'm heading west to the windy city of Chicago. My talented girlfriend was offered a job with a modern dance company up there and since I'm not held down by anything to stay in any particular place, I've decided to move up there myself. This is definitely a good thing but still very bittersweet since most people who have lived in Richmond for some time know how easy it is to get attached to it. It's gonna be difficult to leave friends and all the places that I love but I hope to return someday. Heck, it could've been Des Moines, Iowa. Hah. :)