Monday, December 3, 2007

Assignment from Graphic Essay: We had to write a twist on a fairy tale. I did Law & Order SVU Detectives busting Rumplestiltskin. I wanted to try something different from the usual photoshop under ink drawing like I always do, so i decided to try my hand at a vector illustration. Inspired by a great tutorial from Jeff Miracola. Damn did it take forever... O_0

Doodling our teacher in business class


naomiful said...

lol that one of eisenman is crazed, just like him :p

jeijei said...

Haha thanks about the print man, maybe one day I'll master the transition from screen to papel but for now *shrug* there is much to learn

That Eisenman piece is crazy haha
I wonder what he thinks about it. I like your fairy tale pieces a lot man.