Tuesday, February 19, 2008

At least I'm learnin...

So painting isn't really my forte... yet. Especially when it comes to acrylics. To make matters worse, I decided to use illustration board with no tooth and had to do an image with three hands in it. Hands of course not being the easiest things to paint. (I think Michaelangelo said hands and ears were the most difficult) So yeah, maybe I was a bit too ambitious. And it shows. I've worked on it throughout the weekend, and even if I had an extra day, it would only improve so much. I haven't done enough painting so my knowledge is very limited. Was watching the Marko Djurdjevic DVD the other day and he was definitely right when he said you can't really overwork a painting. It's not that its overworked or that your bored with it, it's just that you don't have the knowledge of how to make it work. Oh well, we all gotta start somewhere.

Yes, it may be my senior year that I'm learning how to paint.
And yes, maybe if I work my ass off and paint and draw every chance I get from here on out, then I may be 26 by the time I'm good enough to get professional jobs. I'm almost 23 now so thats almost 3 years. So what if it takes that long. Like I'm really gonna care that it took that long when I'm however old and am finally getting illustration work. Of course not. If it takes that long then it takes that long. It all depends on how hard I work. I can never stop getting better at art, even if I live 2 lifetimes, and that is an encouraging thought. It all depends on me.

And now, a moment of zen:


cEwald said...

that last paragraph just punched me in the face... in a good way.

The Walz Parade said...

thatsome good lindy-hoppin..
i totally need to learn that move.