Thursday, March 27, 2008

"What would the successful version of you be doing right now?" - Bobby Chiu

The painting isn't going very well and I was really frustrated yesterday and this morning. Every thumbnail and composition that I tried to scale up on the final drawing just didn't add up to what I saw in my mind and I didn't know how to fix it. Rather that sulk and curse myself out like usual, I decided to turn on the Bobby Chiu podcasts and just started drawing early this morning. I felt like studying noses.

So even though I didn't yet achieve my goal of having a sweet illustration to show everyone today, at least I got something done, and I feel a thousand times better than if I had just said screw it and went back to sleep feeling depressed. It's a lot more obvious to me now where I could be in only one years time if I do this every single morning.

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Bombproof said...

nice! thanks for the inspiring post, I realize that I also need to draw much much more and have a more positive attitude, the same thing happened this week where I could've just gone to sleep feeling like crap, but I decided to get some stuff done, and it was a small turning point, but a turning point none the less. later! -Will