Monday, March 31, 2008

Really not liking work today. I can't seem to go 10 seconds without having to break concentration, stop what I'm doing, and unlock the doors for people or answer the phone. Then I'm always glancing up every 5 seconds to see if anyone is coming to the door because if I don't press the 'unlock' button before that person tries to open the door and that person is holding on to the door handle, the door will never open even if I hit the button. A 20 second sign language battle will ensue as I try to tell them to let go of the handle. (This paragraph took like 15 minutes to write)
And since when did kids in elementary/middle school start drinking coffee? I'm listening to these two little girls talk to each other as they wait for their ride while one says "I hope my Mommy got me Starbucks!" And then she gets a text message from 'Mommy' on her cellphone and is excited cause Mommy did get it for her. I feel old now and I'
m only 23ish.

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