Sunday, July 6, 2008


This is an in-progress under drawing for this weeks assignment. Going to start adding color washes into it (and I may very well destroy it if I'm not careful). I was having too much fun rendering it was hard to stop. Hopefully some people will recognize who modeled as the cop when I took the reference, heh... :

Color study for last weeks assignment that I actually liked as much if not better than the final:


cEwald said...

sterling was the cop. and.. fuck, that color study is gorgeous. please explore this kind of stuff.

naomiful said...

nice color study there,

be careful of falling in love with beginning stages of work! nice drawing though :)

Jeff Love said...


Awesome work. I hope everything is going well with you - if you're in Richmond we should hang out sometime.


Anonymous said...

Sweet stuff! I went through a Gnarls Barkley frenzie this summer so its kule seeing that painting. I like the broken records put together, keep it up!