Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm watching you..... :o


Kenny Callicutt said...

Some nice drawings man..

As far as WOTC

The feedback I got was they liked the way that I painted and my conceptualizing. I did find out they have 7 week deadlines, which is sweet. They were rather impressed that I was doing paintings over a weekend.

They told me that once they saw me do some of their content they would come to me with more conceptual problems. There exact words were.. "if we need to do a card or cover and have to merge.. water and scary. We would come to you and give you free reign."
There content is a lot of high... high fantasy stuff like, different breeds of elves riding a specific type of unicorn. Personally I'm not that interested in doing that.. but they have some really interesting narrative assignments that arent quite as nerdy.

Im not sure how it will play out, a lot of AD's in face to face meetings will give you fantastic feedback, and a year later still nothing has happened.

Lorraine said...

love sketchbook pages with lots of exploration. great stuff!