Monday, April 21, 2008


Was gonna wait to post this, but what the heck:
These are the goals for myself as I enter this post-college and Illustration Academy era in a couple months. It is mostly a place of training and learning while I hone my craft and get to a more professional skill level while friends and family are yelling at me to do something with my life because I have this magical 'college degree', "oooOooh". It shouldn't be too hard to get a lot done while I'm living in Chicago since I don't really know anyone there. Anyh'way, I want to enter a more specific field of illustration. In order for all this to work, I will have to give 200% and really put my heart and soul into it. I will accomplish the following goals somewhere in the time frame of Aug 01 2008 - July 01 2009:

1. Stable living/working conditions.
(I will need a job that pays the bills and also leaves me the time and energy to come home to something I love. No kitchen jobs where all I want to do when I come home is have a beer and take a nap. Something with benefits is ideal.)

2. Enter next year's Spectrum and get in.
( I know what you're all probably thinking. I definitely realize the odds of getting in aren't all that great at the moment and that everything is OK if I don't get in. But for now, I'm going to keep those thoughts at the very back of my mind just so that I will work my butt off as if my life depends on it. Would it really benefit me to think about it any other way? Would it help me at all to think that there is no way that I could do it? I think thats an easy one. Even if I don't get in, which is likely right now, its mainly just a goal that will motivate me to spend hours on hours of time improving. Either way, its win/win.)

3. Promote the hell out of myself on the forums. (ALL of them)

4. Get work published in ImagineFX.
(while submitting to any other publication that could potentially show off my work)

5. Website

6. Hit the Cons and submit portfolio.
(get out to the conventions and submit to all the studios and publishers I want to work for.)

7. Achieve the physique of Jason Stathom.
(stop laughing. I know where you live.)

8. No more 'run-on' sentences.

I could get more specific with each of these but I think that will do for now.

and begin...


naomiful said...

ok Sweck time to kick some ass

I bought the light and color dvd a couple days ago. No time yet to watch it but will soon... I'm excited.

amy said...

"close", but not quite.

old coal mine shaft near my house.

your goals are impressive.